Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Absolute Must Do's for a Dinner Party Guest

Behind every successful dinner party is an attentive host who carefully choreographs each and every detail of the evening. On the other hand, even the most talented host won’t be able to salvage a dinner party whose guests are delinquent when it comes to their role.

So, what are the absolute must do’s for every dinner party guest?

1. Show up on time; which means arriving 10 minutes after the invitation is called for. Don’t be early since the host won’t appreciate it and remember there is no such thing as being fashionably late.

2. Turn your cell phone off; few things are ruder than the ring of a cell phone during the dinner hour.

3. Circulate and Mingle
during the cocktail hour. There is no greater bore than one guest monopolizing the company of another guest.

4. Wait for the hostess to start before you begin to eat.
As with so many details of a dinner party, the hostess will provide the guest with social cues; so pay attention.

5. Send a thank-you note.
An emailed thank-you is never acceptable while a personalized handwritten thank-you note is a gesture that will always be well received. For a more casual event, a telephone call the day after the dinner will suffice.

Remember there is such a thing as a “bad guest”. Following through on the 5 Absolute Must Do’s will help ensure that you never fall into that category.