Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Iron a Shirt

Check the care label for the proper ironing instructions and temperature setting. For best results cotton and linen shirts should be lightly dampened with water before ironing.

Step #1: Spread the collar out on the ironing board with the right side facing down. Iron the back of the collar first and then the front. Use the tip of the iron, pressing from the collar points and work towards the middle.

Step #2: Iron the yoke, starting with the shoulder areas first and then do the back yoke.

Step #3: Use the spray bottle with water to keep the shirt damp. Iron the cuffs by pressing inside of cuff first, then the outside.

Step #4: Lay the sleeve flat on the ironing board with the cuff opening up and begin ironing from the shoulder seam down to the the cuff. Turn the sleeve over to iron the other side. Repeat the process with the other sleeve.
Step #5: Iron the body of the shirt starting from one front panel, then do the back and finally the remaining front panel.

Step #6: Use the tip of the iron to press the area around buttons. NEVER iron over the buttons.

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