Friday, May 13, 2011

Washing a Down Coat

Good Day, I really like the Butler series on the new Marilyn Denis show. I have a down coat but don't have a front loading washer and the nearest dry cleaner is 45 min. away in Brandon, Manitoba. (We live in a small town 45 min. south of Brandon, Boissevian Manitoba, pop 1500ish.) We do have a store in town where you can take your dry cleaning to and the cleaners pick it up and bring it back about a week later but the cost is $ so this is not an option. My washer does have different water levels, temperatures, rinse cycles and a delicate cycle. Drying the coat is OK as the dryer has an air dry setting. Will I really wreck the coat if I wash it in my machine? Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Mrs. Florence Brodie

Dear Mrs. Brodie:
Thank you for your kind email. To address your down coat question, it is not my recommendation based on my experience that a top loading washer should be used when washing down filled garments. The centre agitator has a very high probability of damaging your garment, in addition, the spin cycle will most likely not be strong enough to extract as much water as would be ideal. Therefore without a front loader, it is our strong recommendation that you use a reputable dry cleaner.

All of us at The Marilyn Denis Show send you our best wishes, we are proud to have you as a viewer and hope you will continue to enjoy the program.

Cordially, Charles MacPherson, Butler

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  1. I never knew that you could wash a down coat? Thanks Butler Charles!!