Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When do you tip the Valet Parking Attendant?

When you arrive at a hotel that offers valet parking, when do you tip the valet parking attendant (when you arrive, when he delivers your car, or both?)

Great question Marie-Josée! The answer is rather simple, when you eat in a restaurant, when do you tip the waiter? At the end of the meal, it is exactly the same with a valet parking attendant. Once the service has been provided the tip is given. Remember the definition of a TIP is "a sum of money given to someone as a reward for their services".
Cordially, Charles MacPherson, Butler


  1. What if you pay a Valet Parking Charge by the week at a hotel? How do you handle the tipping of the attendant that goes to get your car?

  2. How much tip do you leave a massage therapist?