Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Savoy Hotel

Last Friday, I had both the pleasure and honour to meet with a dear friend and fellow colleague Mr. Sean Davoren, the Head Butler for the newly renovated Savoy Hotel in London. This charming hotel is a wonderful combination of design between Edwardian and Art Deco. The renovated hotel has 278 rooms. After a tour of the hotel including the Royal Suite, I was treated with a special hello from a Butler who I had the honour of training at a hotel in Paris. Mr. Nicholas, the Butler who I trained in Paris, is one of the senior supervisors of the team of Butlers at the Savoy. What a great day it was and true pleasure.


  1. Charles, some of your links are disappearing, like this one for a couple of days. And now it's back.

    The packing link doesn't actually show your entry, but it shows up on my dashboard. Are you just fiddling with the final version, therefore it's unavailable?

  2. Hello Butler Joseph,
    Thank you for your posting. We have been making some changes to the blog as we are starting to post more often and learning how to put posts on-line but have them appear only on a particular day.
    I am very sorry if we have caused any confusion. I think that we have figured out our problems as we "learn & go" and hopefully all disruptions will come to an full stop.
    If you have any more issues please do let me know.
    Kind regards,
    Butler Charles