Sunday, July 10, 2011

Removing Ink Stains from Cotton Clothing

My husband managed to stain his best shorts with pen ink. How do I get out the stain?
Laura, Victoria

Hello Laura,
Good news - this is a relatively easy stain to remove. Pour a few capfuls of pure rubbing alcohol into a little dish. Now dip a clean cotton swab into the alcohol and slowly and gently rub it onto the alcohol and slowly and gently run it on the ink stain in a circular motion.

As the cotton swab starts to absorb the ink, change it for a clean one, Remember: be patient.

Non-removable ink stains will not come out, and please do test the fabric with the alcohol in a hidden area before you start working on the stain.


  1. Thanks! With that answer you helped a lot of people, including me. I'm saving this post to my favourites right away. <3

  2. This is probably up there with my top ten most favorite blog posts I have ever read. WELL DONE! LOVED this

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