Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Engagement Announcement Dilema


Our daughter is getting married and we wanted to put a notice in the paper.

We figured we would say something like my husband and I (our names) are please to announce the engagement of our daughter (her name) to this young man (his name) of (where he is from), son of (naming his mom [who is not a widow]).......

And now here is the hard part............his mom was married before and divorced, then remarried another man who adopted him.....but later then divorced him as well.................what do I do with that. How do we mention the 2 fathers and their now wives..............or do we just not mention them at all. His natural father will likely be at the wedding but at this point I don't think his adoptive father will be able to make it. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Mrs. Taylor

Dear Mrs. Taylor,

I have read your email numerous times and consulted both several books and called an expert I deal with in the United States on invitations. We are all in agreement that the wording and announcement should remain simple and based on the original parents.

You have neglected to give me all of the names of the participants below, so I have had to make some up to put the announcement sample together for you. I trust this helps and may your daughter be blessed with a wonderful wedding and a happy and healthy marriage. Please let us know how things turn out.

Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Carol Jean Taylor, to Mr. Bob Henry Groom, son of Mrs. Betty Grooms Mother of Toronto, Ontario and Mr. Howard Grooms natural Father of Montreal, Quebec.

Miss. Carol Jean Taylor was graduated from Ryerson University and is a veterinarian at Forest Hill Animal Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Bob Henry Groom was graduated from University of Toronto and is working with Air Canada, Toronto, Ontario.

With most sincere and kindest regards,


  1. I have never seen the word 'natural' used in such a situation. I think it would be better to leave it out altogether.

  2. Dear Mr. Joseph the Butler,
    The word "natural" is not intended to be used in the actual announcement. If you read Mrs. Taylor's email she doesn't give names, but titles, so the use of "Mr. Howard Grooms natural Father"simply refers to which father I am speaking of as there are three in the mix. I trust this puts the issue to rest. I would like to add that an expert who does the White House invitations was consulted, the Protocol School of Washington was consulted and three etiquette books were reviewed before this piece was answered. Please consider this in future, as answers are never given without full and professional thought.

  3. Thanks for the clarification.