Monday, July 4, 2011

World's Worst Welcome Fruit Display & Hotel Room

This past weekend I stayed at what I was told, sold and payed, as a luxury hotel. I booked a suite which was the most expensive room category for this property. Imagine my surprise when I arrived and this was what they felt was appropriate for a welcome fruit amenity!

2 sad looking oranges
1 knife
2 paper cocktail napkins
2 bottles of water

Noticeably absent from the presentation, a tray holding the entire grouping, glasses for the water, ice bucket, cocktail napkins, two knives (one for each person), cloth napkins, better selection of fruit, or at least better quality oranges, plates for each person to eat on, small finger bowl with water to rinse your fingers and a personal note from the General Manager or Duty Manager welcoming you to the hotel.

But it gets better! The hotel room had not been vacuumed as the lint on the carpet and furniture told the story, but when we found a pair of children's pants under the chair in the front hall, this was the icing on the cake that the room really had not been cleaned! I have never been so disappointed.

As you know I often post wonderful things that I find here in hotels, to my knowledge I have never posted the negative, but in this case I was so surprised by this display, I just can't help myself, and needed to share this with everyone. This disappointment could so easily have be avoided with the attention to detail and mandate from the General Manager and the Executive Housekeeper about training. To be honest I expect greatness from people and hotels, and I have absolutely no room for mediocrity!


  1. I hope you changed rooms, if not hotels. I would have been out of there faster than lightning after finding children's pants under a chair--simply unacceptable. What else have they neglected to do, that would be my concern.

  2. I agree, however I arrived very late, in a small town with no other rooms available (holiday weekend) and it was what it was. I have written the the General Manager of the hotel and so I await her reply. Happy 4th of July my friend :)

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