Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Treat Mothers Equally

Hi Mr. Butler:
I’ve never been a fan of my boyfriends’ mothers … bad luck maybe? I’ve been seeing someone new for two months now and I’m wondering how long I can avoid meeting his mother. Please say a year or longer.

Daddy’s Girl

Dear Daddy’s Girl,
When I first read your question, I thought that you needed to toughen up and go meet your boyfriend’s mother soon or else your new man may take offence and you run the risk of losing him. Upon further reflection, however, the answer became clearer to me.

You should meet his mother within a month or so of him meeting yours. It’s always prudent to treat mothers equally. Please give your boyfriend’s mother a chance, she just may turn out to be the fabulous mother in-law of your future. Ask your new boyfriend to share with you a little about his mother and her interests.

Perhaps this will allow you to find a topic of interest ahead of time so both of you can begin your relationship on the perfect foot and you can actually enjoy each others company!

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  1. It actually sounds like the problem isnt the mothers...but the writer herself. Perhaps she needs to figure out why she has trouble getting along with these women?